Garden Planting

Again this must drop back to my upbringing on the farm. I really do like to grow things. From Tree’s to Tulips, Lilies to Laburnums we plant it all. Tailoring a planting scheme that works for every garden we will ensure that the garden keeps giving all year round. Returning after some time to see a garden growing is a real treat to know how it looked before and enjoy its progress.

Lucky to boast a host of plant nurseries within the County we can source locally knowing they enjoy the local soil and climate. Self-taught over 20 years I initially did a lot of reading and research. Now I am lucky enough to know what works well calling on my previous experience to make sure our scheme flourishes.

This is another area where we will need to talk. Everyone has their favourite plants and colours. Start thinking now of what you like as it’s your garden and we want you to be involved.

Water plants

Start of project

Garden path

Winding garden path

Beautiful flower beds

Capped seating area with plants

Flower beds surrounding the pond

Bridge over pond

Rockery bed

Stone walling for planters


Landscape Gardening

Ashmead garden design

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