Garden Lighting in Stoud and Gloucestershire

I’m not a fan of the Blackpool illuminations or a landing strip although I do firmly believe that taking the opportunity to add some light to the garden is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Not having to close the curtains and being able to look out to a nicely lit tree or feature adds use to the garden all year round. We have recently started adding outdoor heaters that really keep you sat outside rather than running for the warmth of the house.

Lucky to boast the father in law as a qualified Electrician who is trying to retire..  He loves individual garden projects to keep his hand in, we are able to call on a wealth of experience for any electrical needs.

Garden lighting is also an awesome security boost. CCTV is another area we find ourselves installing more and more.

We are Trading Standards Approved, Members of the Horticultural Trade Association also The Association of Professional Landscapers and a Bradstone Assured Partner.
Ensuring your garden is in the best hands possible allowing you to buy with confidence.
All Bradstone product installations come with a 10-year guarantee for your confidence!

Association Professional Landscapers